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Movie Review: A Lot like Love

December 20, 2019

A Lot Like Love is a fun, friendly romantic comedy that is good for the season. Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet have great chemistry together and by the end of the movie, you feel something a lot like love for the two characters. The movie tracks these two people for six years from their initial meeting to, well, the end of the movie. As all romantic comedies go, several hit and miss moments happen along the way. Most of the time these moments are bittersweet to the audience, they are quirky and fun but also annoying, for it seems like a minor detail could be changed and the movie would end.
Many times in romantic comedies the characters are so sugary sweet that you walk out saying, “Yeah right like that could ever happen.” That’s not the case in A Lot Like Love. In one scene, Oliver (Ashton Kutcher) is going on and on about his ex-girlfriend to Emily (Amanda Peet). She searches the radio until she finds a song she knows and starts singing, softly at first and then louder. Oliver continues to drone on about the ex and Emily continues to turn up the volume and sing to the radio. Moments like this happen in day to day life. I’ve done it, haven’t you? The characters in A Lot Like Love are those we pass on the street everyday, they are us.

Even though I loved A Lot Like Love and felt genuinely happy as I walked out of the theatre, there is something about the movie I didn’t like. The character’s hit and miss moments are there purely to elongate the movie. Although they appear to make some amount of sense, they are more annoying than anything. I think I may have lost you, let me give you an example. In Serendipity, Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack had a reason they were not together for the entire movie-they could not contact one another. In A Lot Like Love they are able to contact each other, they just don’t. Maybe this just proves my point of them being ordinary characters, but it seems to me that they stay apart throughout the movie in order to make it a feature film and not a movie short.

I feel something a lot like love for my readers, so I’d like to let you in on a secret. This is my last movie review for the Hobbs New-Sun. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and absolutely loved hearing from everyone who read my article faithfully. Each and every one of you made my day and I hope that in our journey through these past three years I have not led you astray. I always enjoy talking about movies so feel free to track me down at Wal-Mart and ask my thoughts. You should know by now I won’t hesitate to give them to you.