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Movies to Look Out for – 2008

February 21, 2020

2007 was the year of Shahrukh Khan. He began the year with the most talked-about quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati (who wants to be a millionaire) and went on to endorse super brands until Chak De India released. I feel he has given his best performance to date in this movie and most of the world will agree with me. Later in the year saw the most awaited release of the year Om Shanti Om. The industry had never seen a monstrously marketed film than this. Half of the success of this film is only due to the gigantic promotions that SRK did for his film. Anyway, after sweeping the year 08’s first award function we are not surprised by the results at all.

Year 08 will have an array of films. The films are getting bigger and better now. Just saw this year’s first major releases Halla Bol and My Name Is Anthony Gonzalves last night both completely different genres of films, Halla Bol disappointed me a lot but My Name Is proved to be an entertainer with newcomer Nikhil making his presence felt hoggin footage by copying SRK, Amitabh and Mithun da. Nevertheless, he made himself visible. Jodha Akbar is surely a magnanimous film in every sense of the word. Sets, costume, crew, cast, and budgets everything was bloated. This epic is based on the historic love story of Emperor Akbar (Hritik Roshan) and his lady Jodha Bai(Aishwarya Rai Bachhan). I really don’t know how much the audiences are going to like this particular film since this genre is usually very slow in pace and looking at the past record where most of the films in this genre have failed to pull crowds.

The forthcoming releases would broadly be Race with Saif, Akshaye, Bipasha, Katrina, Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy looking to be a racy story. Then we shall see Dulha Mil Gaya with Fardeen, Sushmita, and SRK in a small role. The lead pair isn’t enough to pull crowd honestly but since SRK is making an appearance in the film am sure it will arouse curiosity if not anything else. God Tussi Great Ho has the sexiest Indian actor Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachhan, Manisha (WHO???) Koirala and is a megaproject. Since it has Salman we don’t expect any serious plot for sure!

Still under production are Tashan. Now, why this film is a must-watch need not be explained following the recent love angle between the lead pair, but one more reason this movie should be seen is Anil and Akshaye Khanna. Madhur Bhandarkar who seems to have mastered the art of making films over new professions and opening deep dark secrets is now ready with FASHION naturally based on the fashion industry in India. features Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut as models. The epic of Mahabharata will also be released this year. The USP of this film is it will be released in 2 parts. I will watch this purely for viewing pleasure and intrigue value. Hera Pheri gang is coming out with Hera Pheri 4!!!! Duh! Now the 2 biggest eyeball grosses are surely going to be Aap Ka Surroor 2 when Himesh strikes back with his (ham) acting skills. 07 has not seen a bigger debut than his. His movie to the surprise of a lot of critiques went on to gain the highest opening that any film got. Well, not forget the nasal songs that make any soul groove. My Name is Khan – Dharma Production film will bring the old winning team back together after ages. Karan, Kajol and Khan team up for this film that is set on the backdrop of the 9/11 bombings. Whatever! It has SRK in it and I will surely watch the 1st-day 1st show!

What I am glad about is the industry is now finally open to a lot of new stories and ideas. The audiences are demanding new and fresh stories. The result is films like Alibaug, Bhootnath, Drona (sci-fi), Roadside Romeo(animated), Love story 2050, Ugly aur Pagli! All these I would recommend like 5 times. All in all, for film buffs like me, this year is going to be expensive with so many movies to see and so many popcorn tubs to be emptied! I know someday my movie will also feature in the list of awaited films 🙂

Happy Viewing…