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Movie Review of “The Social Network”

December 20, 2019

In my quest to further understand the Facebook phenomena I decided to rent the movie “The Social Network,” and although I still feel it is a colossal waste of time, I do have a better understand of what is going on here.
The script by Alan Sorkin is a take on a book by Ben Mezrich titled “The Accidental Billionaire,” which describes the transition of Mark Zuckerberg from resident nerd at Harvard University to global power-broker.

David Fincher’s film cast Jesse Eisenberg as the young Mark Zuckerberg. Besides from being an outcast on campus, all of Zuckerberg’s motives seem to be based on the revenge factor. The movie starts out by Zuckerberg laying an obnoxious verbal tirade on his girlfriend, Erica (Rooney Mara), who then tells little geek that she is through with him and tells him to take a hike. In a fit of revenge, Zuckerberg goes back to his room and writes a scathing attack on his girlfriend and all the women at Harvard on the universities social network. This act is actually the first seed planted for what was to be called “The Facebook.” 


After a mass reaction by everyone on campus about Zuckerberg’s blog, he is approached by the Winklevoss twins (Arnie Hammer plays both the twins). The Winklevoss brothers are starting their own social network geared towards hooking up with woman (the real bread and butter of these web sites) and offer a partnership to Zuckerberg in exchange for his programming expertise. Zukkerberg accepts the offer, gathers all of the brother’s information, and then tosses them away like garbage. Geared with his new information he starts his own social network with fellow student and money backer Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) and we are off to the races. Eduardo eventually ends up in the garbage bin just as the twins did.

The story progresses into a tangle of legal bickering and lawsuits as Zuckerberg’s Facebook grows into a social network leviathan.

At the present time Facebook’s membership hovers around five hundred million people and Zuckerberg’s wealth in somewhere in the multi-billions with no end in sight.

All of this being said and done, this is a good movie; but you still would like to give this guy a good smack.

My rating is: four out five stars.